Gomasuri Poker

The evil Head Wizard sent out orders to you and his other minions to gather up animals to train to become familiars, and to kidnap villagers to become new apprentices. As one of his meek servants, you must do everything you can to stay in his good graces, for the Head Wizard is known to take out his wrath on any underlings who disappoint him. You must compete with other servants to sabotage their gains, gather resources, bluff, and steal your way to winning the Head Wizard’s approval. But perhaps there is a way to gather a party of village heroes to knock him down a few pegs instead…

Gomasuri Poker is a set collection and hand management card game. The physical prototype was designed in 2018 using free いらすとや graphics, together with original Nice Gear Games 3D-printed tokens. While development is currently on hold, we are looking to redesign the cards using original artwork in future.

Tabletop Simulator: Steam Workshop

We are working on releasing a Steam Workshop version for Tabletop Simulator using the prototyped designs.