Nice Gear Games

We are a Japan-based indie game development team made up of Daikon and Renkon. Let’s play!

私たちは日本をベースとしたインディーゲーム開発チームです。チーム構成はDaikonとRenkonです。Let’s play!

Our games can be found on itch.io and Unity Room.

鳥獣妖怪戯画 (Choju Yokai Giga) (2020): Side-scrolling deck-building action platformer. Recruit animal warriors to battle legendary yokai! Download for free on itch! (JA/EN)
Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood (in development): Burning-hot competitive disc-throwing action platformer. Battle Mode available now, Story Mode coming soon! (JA/EN)
Nice Fish (2020): #Unity1Week entry for「ふえる」 Android version, also available in browser on Unity Room
Nice Flavor (2021): Drink all of your opponent’s juice to win. Entered in #Unity1Week 「ちゅう」 (JP)
Nice Haul (2021): Tug-of-war with bombs. Entered in GMTK Game Jam 2021 (Joined Together). (EN)
Nice Fall (2021): Split-screen racing game. Entered in Ludum Dare 48 and updated for #Unity1Week. (EN/JP)
Nice Disc (2021): Fighting game with discs. Entered in #Unity1Week for 「回」 (JP)
Nice Ninja (2021): Two-player competitive keyboard versus mouse browser game (JA)
1分大魔王 (One Minute Demon) (2020): Debut game, #Unity1Week entry for「逆」(JA)
Nice Door (2020): #Unity1Week entry for 「あける」 Available in EN on itch and the original JP at Unity Room
Snow Fight (2021): Puzzle/tower defense game where you defend your base with snowmen (EN)
Enoshima Picnic (2021): First attempt at PICO-8, based on Squash from the first fanzine (EN)
Seven Arrows (2019): Third-person shooting puzzle game, available on itch.io (EN)

Gomasuri Poker (2018): Physical card game, digital version coming soon to Steam Workshop (EN)